The "Curator"

The “Curator”

Fellow Creatives, like many of you I have been writing all of my life. Especially advertising copy. But not only advertising copy.

In high school, I was Features editor for the Lane Tech Warrior as well wrote a column on popular music. My first story was about Judas Priest.

At the University of Wisconsin, I majored in film and creative writing, as well as wrote for the university’s conservative and liberal newspapers. Anything for a byline, right?

My short stories have appeared in past editions of New Voices in Poetry and Prose. My first novel, The Last Generation, was published by Inkwater Press. The story was later optioned by Touchstone Television for a TV series. The Last Genaeration

My latest novel, The Happy Soul Industry is a modern fable about good and evil. In it, God hires an advertising agency to market Heaven and all hell breaks loose! The Happy Soul Industry

Both novels are available on Amazon or your favorite online bookstore.

Please visit my blog, Gods of Advertising or my twitter address

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Steffan,

    Fellow creative and copywriter by trade. Like you have penned many other words on paper in addition to those used in the advertising realm.

    Screenplays, short stories, poetry, shopping lists…

    Unlike you advertising does not run in my family but rather supermarkets. Hey, we can’t choose our family, right? Youngest of 6 and every single one of us cut our working teeth in a supermarket. We all migrated to the white collar world but we never forgot what it meant to get our hands dirty. Figuratively and literally.

    And unlike you, I did not have any formal training but rather was a recipient of a bonafide epiphany in my early 30s.

    Am in mid 40s now and have had to fight, punch, and claw my way to where I am today and had to do what is arguably the hardest thing one can do and that is to change people’s perceptions of me.

    Anyway, have taken up enough of your time.

    Great stuff for sure on your sites.

    All the best,
    Steve O

    • SRP said

      I had no formal training either. One “Ad” class in college. Took it pass/fail! Loved writing and wrote always. As for advertising, learned by doing…
      Thanks for your readership, SRP

      • “Learned by doing…” what a novel concept. Me thinks the younger generation (The Entitlement Generation as I like to call them) would do well to adopt such a mantra!

        Writers write… isn’t that how the saying goes?

        I very much envy you from the standpoint that you had the discipline to write two books.

        I have many an idea in my over-caffeinated head for sure and have started more than a few but alas… finding the time (excuse) is the problem…

        Have a great day my friend!
        Steve O

  2. Steff, this is a REALLY good idea.

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