Several unnamed works by C. B. McGillivray






“I’m a Marin County guy, an artist, former big-league sports/ad guy and I’m digging into Facebook big time; A RISD grad, good guy, trouble maker with a ton to say – and I’m doing it, slowly but surely. These are samples that speak to my overall bent in total. Kind of like old-school vinyl: Led Zeppelin III and such.

I worked at a Chicago chocolate manufacturer as a marketer years ago, left DDB Chicago (after four years) in 2003, freelanced at GSP here in SF for a couple of months, did about a year at a boutique branding firm (Lexicon Branding) until Jan/08…

Since then? Soul searching, painting, traveling, thinking, learning. My closest friends are recommending that I find a little work to do.  I’m into making something happen.”

For much more on/about/by McGillivray visit his Facebook:


Two works by Trevor Shorey:


title: pim (white one)

17.75″ X 32″

mixed media on board.


title: Flue (blue one)

36″ X 48″

mixed media on canvas.



“I’ve always been interested in geometrics, pattern & rhythm. And also influenced by the grit of the city and the found objects, signage and trash you find there.  I wanted to apply that sensibility with color & texture that creates a visceral, almost musical, experience.

I went to art school back in the day, but turned my eye towards advertising quickly thereafter. A guy can’t survive on grilled cheese alone. I was at Leo Burnett for 5 years before following Steff over to Euro, where I spent 3 years. I am currently freelancing and back on the grilled cheese.”


Sculpture by Rory Monaghan

Rory was an Copywriter/Group Creative Director at Leo Burnett in Chicago. Now he is “doing service work” and making art. He sometimes goes by the  name “Romo.”


Three comic strips by Bruno Pieroni

“I always felt that the less creative my day was, the more brochures I was mindlessly flowing copy into, the more I wanted to go home and draw, or write, or hit record while strumming the guitar.

Even with all the kickass work already displayed (I’m seriously blown away by Travis’s art), I still haven’t seen anything there in the field I dabble the most consistently in: cartooning.

My backstory: I was living in Kansas City when a survey came out listing KC as the country’s worst city for singles. I was spending a lot of my time after work in bars, listening to my friends talking about those two things: being single, and spending time in bars. So I started writing down our stories and translating them into comic strips. I first drew a handful, and then some more, and kept on drawing them, even after moving to Chicago to start working as an art director at Lápiz, Leo Burnett’s Hispanic division. Today they’re published in a Red Eye-style newspaper in KC, as well as in the website where the 120+ strips I’ve drawn since are now hosted:


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